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CMD in Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL server, built by Microsoft, is a database management system, while SQLCMD is a command-line application to communicate with the Microsoft SQL Server. SQLCMD allows all the SQL queries to be written and executed using a command prompt. SQLCMD was brought in 2005 along with the SQL server. Many versions have come in ever since then, like 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2019 as well. SQLCMD acts like a cherry on the cake since it adds extra versatility over its predecessors. Microsoft SQL server configures SQL server databases with its enriching graphical user interfaces, retrieving and manipulating data.

Command-line Running for SQLCMD

It needs to be run before the programmer begins connecting SQLCMD with Microsoft SQL Server. Running SQLCMD is easy and quick, but it is essential to know the details before following instructions. To start, hit the windows+R keys to open a runtime window and type CMD to get going with the command application. Type ‘SQLCMD’ as the prompt and proceed with probable combinations of connection strings. Once the connection is successful, 1> will prompt to establish communication with SQLCMD.

The Syntax for SQL Server Establishment

What is SQLCMD? It is a blend of commands and parameters as a command-line application. To execute the instructions given, one will require the following parameter to build a connection with the SQL server interface.

  • S: the server name is specified in a named instance.


  • U: the user name for SQL server authentication
  • P: password for user
  • E: gives the security of a trusted authentication and is a default option.

While working with trustworthy authentication, The S parameter is the same; only the username and password are needed.

sqlcmd -S <server name > -U
<username > -P <password>
sqlcmd -S <server name>\
<instance name>
-U <username> -P <password>

SQLCMD Download and Installation

The command-line tools are general availability. In addition, they are coming up with installation packages for SQL server 2019. The system will require a version of windows 10, windows 7, or 8. It will also need windows installer 5 and Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 to work along with the SQL server; they are generally in-built.

Configuring MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server provides the class performance and works with large queries on its database. To configure MS SQL Server, the programmer must undertake the following steps on the device:

  1. Get the essential driver for the SQL server
  2. Turn on authentication for SQL server
  3. Build a database user
  4. Set statistics to update automatically


To conclude, the Microsoft SQL Server is an excellent platform to work with SQLCMD. It is a database that supports transaction processes, business intelligence, and analytics application in the IT industry to meet the standards. It is one of the best market-leading database technologies, followed by Oracle Database and IBM’s DB2. Microsoft has brought SQL Server in four editions to provide different levels of their services. So if you are to begin working with this, get started now.

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