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Open File Explorer with CMD

File Explorer is the standard document manager tool in Windows, delivering a visual interface that enables the document structures. While operating in a Command prompt (CMD) or Ps, you may have to access the ongoing envelope in Windows Explorer to resume. Although there are speedier ways to access File Explorer, such as using a shortcut key, users may use Command Prompt to open the document chief inside the continuing database.

Use Command Prompt To Open File Explorer

CMD Windows Tutorial

First and foremost, open Command Prompt (CMD) on your PC by opening the “begin” menu, creating “cmd” in the Windows Search bar, then, at that point, picking “Command Prompt” from the question things. Request Prompt will open. Here, run the following request to open the File Explorer:

CMD Windows Guide

You can change indexes in Command Prompt by utilizing the compact disc order and running the beginning. Order once in the ideal catalog to open that organizer in File Explorer. Nonetheless, you can likewise open any organizer in File Explorer by running the beginning order, trailed by the envelope you might want to open.

Open File Explorer From CMD

Utilize the command to open the ongoing envelope in the File Explorer from the CMD

C:\> explorer

To indicate the way for an envelope to open in the File Explorer, execute:

C:\> explorer 'C:\Program Files'

You can likewise utilize the wayfarer order to open records or URLs in the client’s favored applications, for instance:

C:\> explorer photo.jpg
C:\> explorer doc.pdf
C:\> explorer

You can likewise run the traveler (or explorer.exe) order from the Task Manager or discourse box to open another example of File Explorer. Open an order brief, type adventurer, and press Enter. It will then open another File Explorer window.

CMD Windows for Developers

By Using Explorer Command

Open the Command Prompt window, type explorer, and hit Enter. It will open File Explorer to Quick Access or This PC relying upon your Folder Options setting. Write the following sequence to launch File Explorer in a different folder. If the enclosure method has gaps, make sure it is enclosed in two sentences.

Run Command to Open a Particular Folder

In Command Prompt, you might switch lists utilizing the disc succession and running the underlying stages. Once in the best record, ask once to send off that coordinator in File Explorer. In any case, you might open any envelope in File Explorer by executing the beginning request, trailed by the coordinator you need to open. In our proceeding with a list, C: Usersmarsh, for instance, we really want to open the Documents coordinator in File Explorer, which is just a single step down. To achieve this, we’d execute the accompanying order:

start Documents

CMD Windows for Programmers

Follow the steps outlined below to start a File Explorer panel from CMD on Pc windows before exiting the index.

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