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How to Reset PC with Windows Command Line

If your computer is running slow, you might want to start by resetting it. This will remove any unnecessary files that are taking up space and causing the computer to run slowly.

How to Reset Your PC without Reinstalling Windows

This is a quick way to reset your PC without reinstalling Windows. You’ll need to know how to type in commands to use this command line method.

You can also use this command line method if you’re having problems with your PC and don’t have time or money for a costly fix. It’s helpful to sell your old computer or ensure it works well before giving it away.

  • Press Win+X, then press I. This will open the "Start" menu.
  • Next, click on "Command Prompt". The Command Prompt window will appear with a black background and white text. This is where you will be working from now on!
  • Click Reset this PC, then click Get started.
  • Click the link to reset your PC, then click Get started.
  • The Reset this PC window will open with a list of options. Select or clear each option as needed and click Next to continue the process.
  • Choose Remove everything, then click Next.

Windows will now remove all your files and programs from your computer. It will also remove any settings you’ve made in Windows or other software, such as antivirus or firewall. If you want to keep these things, choose Don’t delete temporary files, then click Next again; it’s not recommended for everyone because it can take a long time (more than 24 hours) before the process is complete!

Select the drive that you want to clean, then click Reset.

Click Remove Everything if you want to remove all the data on your hard drive and reformat it again using the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, by clicking one of their checkboxes, please select a specific folder file deletion.

To delete everything from My Computer:  Select this option before proceeding with further steps; otherwise, ignore this prompt if it appears after selecting another folder or file type as described above.

Keep your computer in good running order without wiping it out completely.

To reset your computer without reinstalling Windows, follow these steps:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Click on the "Control Panel" icon.
  • In the Control Panel window that opens, click on "System and Security."
  • On the left side of this window, you'll see an option called "System Properties." Click on it to open up your system settings.


That’s all there is to it! A quick reset of your PC can help you keep running smoothly, and it doesn’t require advanced skills.

It’s a good idea to factory reboot your windows pc before selling or disposing of it, whether it is an Apple or a Windows PC. Whether you use this every day for meaningful work or just for now and then picture viewing, it makes no difference. Your device is surrounded to contain a variety of sensitive personal data.

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