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CMD Commands to Look Like a Hacker

CMD is an effective tool that lets you do almost anything with your home windows computer. You do not have to do whatever is unlawful to make people think you’re hacking. You may even faux hacking the use of not anything; however, the Home windows Command prompt (CMD) uses fundamental terminal commands and simulators. You can open a Command prompt or Terminal home windows, using numerous commands to make it seem like you’re immediately acting numerous relatively complicated, unrelated techniques.

Green Text Color

Have you ever seen the hackers in movies? Those carrying ski masks typing gibberish codes in green color? Sure, that’s exactly how your buddies have it in their head too. Just converting the command set off textual content color can help you. Moreover, you could additionally alternate the color and textual content transparency from command set-off settings. For converting the shade, run the command prompt and type:

color //?

Hit input and choose a variety of colors from the list. Alternately, you can also attempt different colorings of your desire to pass off as a valid hacker to your group.

Imitating hacking process

.bat file in notepad. The following textual content will open a window with green font entitled “Hack window.” You can access the following “title” to your notepad file on your preference to exchange the title. The textual content “@echo off” hides the active Command prompt window, while “tree” will display a listing tree, making the hacking seem more significant and practical. The final line of textual content will ping google’s server. Copy-paste the following code to a notepad file:

color a
title Hack window
@echo off
ping -t

While saving your document, you may need to pick “All files” inside the induced dialogue container, name your report and end your name with “.bat.” this would move your document from a textual content report to a batch report. Batch files incorporate textual content that offers your computer working gadget a series of commands. Double click your .bat file in its containing folder to open a window to appear, for all intents and functions, like you are doing a minor complex computer system, like a hacker.


An alternatively simple cmd code to reset windows person Password without understanding old password.

code: net user yourusername *

Change your username along with your computer consumer call and press enter. Now type the brand new password. People are lazy, and that consists of your buddies. I am sure at least ninety% of your pals have saved their passwords on chrome for a quicker log-in time. Now, you could use this to your benefit. Simply type chrome://settings/passwords in the URL tab and hit enter. From right here, you can steal all of your buddies’ saved passwords and log in to their social media. This way will genuinely lead them to consider your story.

Shutdown PC with a warning message

Here’s a shortcode you can write in the notepad to shut down your buddy’s pc without them understanding. With this technique, you may easily trick them into believing you’ve hacked their gadget. Open the notepad and input the following code:

@echo off
Shutdown.exe -s -t 10
msg * You have been hacked.

Now, save this document as yourehacked.bat Thus now, you’ve successfully created your first virus.

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